»Hollywood?« Longsleeve

€47,40 €79

Look 04

Sometimes you need to ask serious questions

100% Organic heavy-weight Cotton

Relaxed Fit (bit oversized), Unisex

Color: pantone canolli cream (light beige)

Designed in Berlin

fair & eco-friendly produced in Turkey 

Better wear it with self-confidence and some jewelry


The story behind the product:

Everyone is having this one dream. For some it’s having a family. For others, it’s about more money or owning a better car.

For our founder, it has been Hollywood. It was always his goal to live and work there.

Nothing screams glamour and success more than Hollywood. In the minute, he achieved his goal he knew that it wasn’t his dream. More like another step to it.

During his time there he always asked himself “Why? - Why was it so important for me and what is my real goal in life?”

That’s why we printed the Y (why) extra big in the middle.

It’s important to re-think your principle in life. Sometimes we run after goals which are only fantasy’s. Our hollywood? long-shirt should remind you about the important stuff in life. What it is? We don’t know yet.

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